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Optional “live” Support Sessions

We wanted to share with you the upcoming optional ALES “live” or “synchronous” learning schedule for your child's grade level.  In addition, restate the ALES expectations for our required “pre-recorded” or “asynchronous” learning.  The “pre-recorded” lessons in Schoology are required and are the foundation of our students learning at this point.  Those lessons will continue to be posted by Friday at 4pm for the upcoming week giving families the flexibility around their schedule..  These optional “live” support sessions will start in full on Monday, September 21st.  As you will see in the flyer that the live sessions are scheduled for Monday-Thursday, leaving Fridays to make sure we have all of our pre-recorded materials posted by 4pm that day.  Grade level teachers will communicate with families about their progression of live sessions as they will begin to offer a few sessions “live” next week until the full implementation starts on the 21st.  Any session that is conducted “live” will be recorded and then posted into the appropriate Schoology folder for all students to view.  We would like to reiterate that the “pre-recorded” lessons and activities in Schoology are the required part of your child's education and are to be completed on your schedule during the week.

Click here for the 'live' learning schedules

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