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ALES Makerfaire

Calling All Makers!

When: Friday March 27, 2020  5pm to 7:30pm. Events starting at 5:00pm

Where: Ashby Lee Elementary School - Quicksburg, VA

What:  The second annual Maker Faire at Ashby Lee Elementary School is ready to make history! Sponsored and run by Shenandoah Public Schools to encourage the community to join in the global Maker Movement where everyone is capable of being a Maker. The big event will showcase and encourage the celebration of inventions, creativity, curiosity and hands-on learning for students and all interested!

Who: We are looking for you to join several makers and presenters from the Ashby Lee Elementary School Community that will present projects focused on career interests, health, technology, 3D printing, engineering, robotics, creative art, and more. Also featured attractions include, amazing student displays, exciting workshops, hands-on activities and opportunities to learn from makers of all ages and skill levels.

READY to join in on the fun! Use the following links:

Tips for Makers to learn more about becoming a maker at the Maker Faire. 

Use the links below to sign up as a Maker or Volunteer! 

Click here to register a student project to be brought from home. Projects completed at school do not need to be registered. 

Calling all Makers to participate by being a Maker! We would love for you to bring in something you made for a display or demonstration. 

Volunteer to help out before, during, or after the event. There are many jobs and we could use the extra hands for maker stations.

Thank you and we are excited to celebrate and share the school communities talents!

Questions / need more info?  

Please Contact

Julie Guinn

event coordinator

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